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Paul Crozier - Irish Artist 


I am an artist from County Tyrone, Ireland. I would define my art as ever evolving and inspired by life experiences. I feel an affinity to nature and seek to express the vividness of its myriad of changing colours and forms. I strive to not become stuck in a single style and subject but instead continuously expand into new territories. Typically oil and acrylic paints are used to create my artworks but I have also occasionally created mixed media pieces incorporating other materials. I seek to employ vivid lines and brushstrokes to emphasise the dynamic movements of his subjects.

I place emphasis on the energy of the subject and the power of movement in my artworks. Movement is a recurring theme within a lot of my artworks including people and animals. I am a biomedical engineer and thrive on learning how things work including the human body. 

My artworks are held in numerous private art collections around the world. I have provided paintings to a number of businesses including hotels, hospitals, business offices, restaurants, yoga studios and gyms. Recent paintings have been on display in London, New York, Argentina, Switzerland, and many other locations.

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